Thursday 14th June 2018


07:30 to 8:30  Registration
08:30 to 8:40  Welcome
08:40 to 10:40 Understanding and supporting endogenous bone regeneration
08:40 Bone fractures from an evolutionary perspective (15’+5’)
Nadja Fröbisch
09:00 Strategies to enhance musculoskeletal regeneration (15’+5’)
Dietmar W. Hutmacher
09:20 Mechanical strain and BMP2-stimulation – an unexpected crosstalk? (15’+5’)
Petra Knaus
09:40 Think bone – a story on bone formation (15’+5’)
Michael Amling
10:00 From chromatin folding to shaping bones (15’+5’)
Stefan Mundlos
10:20 Tendon: a neglected tissue in musculoskeletal research (15’+5’)
Britt Wildemann
10:40 to 11:10  Coffee break
11:10 to 12:50 The role of inflammation in musculoskeletal regeneration
11:10 The puzzling role of inflammation on bone healing and regeneration (15’+5’)
Franz Jakob
11:30 Analysis of osteo-immune crosstalk during bone healing by longitudinal intravital imaging (15’+5’)
Anja Hauser and Raluca Niesner
11:50 The role of tissue resident cells in homeostasis and regeneration (15’+5’)
Andreas Diefenbach
12:10 The Future of Cartilage Regeneration (15’+5’)
Henning Madry
12:30 Bone healing and aging – the role of the adaptive immune system for regeneration (15’+5’)
Katharina Schmidt-Bleek
12:50 to 13:50 Lunch break
13:50 to 15:10 Role of metabolic constrains in musculoskeletal regeneration
13:50 Mechano-dependency of vessel formation and its role in regeneration (15’+5’)
Holger Gerhard
14:10 Metabolomics – an essential feature to understand bone healing? (15’+5’)
Stefan Kempa
14:30 White and Brown – essentials in bone maintenance and regeneration? (15’+5’)
Tim Schulz
14:50 Understanding the impact of traumatic brain injury on fracture healing – the holy grail to improved regeneration? (15’+5’)
Johannes Keller
15:10 to 15:40 Coffee break
15:40 to 17:20 Restoring functional capacity and mobility – the ultimate goal of musculoskeletal regeneration
15:40 Human movement and musculoskeletal loading conditions to aid clinical decision making (15’+5’)
William Taylor
16:00 Internal loading conditions during activities of daily living, an essential prerequisite for the treatment of injury and disease (15’+5’)
Markus Heller
16:20 Musculoskeletal adaptation due to mechanical stimuli (15’+5’)
Sara Checa
16:40 Talking the talk versus walking the walk – challenges and opportunities on paths to medical technology translation (15’+5’)
David Grainger
17:00 Bone Regeneration and Spinal Function (15’+5’)
Hendrik Schmidt
17:20 to 17:50 Coffee break
17:50 to 18:40 Official ceremony to celebrate 10 years Julius Wolff Institute
18:40 Celebration of the Julius Wolff Institute
Opened by Katherine Wolff (great-granddaughter of Julius Wolff)
19:00 to 23:00 Boat tour with reception and dinner buffet

Friday 15th June 2018

09:00 to 10:40 Biomaterials in bone healing
09:00 Engineered human bone/bone marrow for in vitro biocompatibility testing of implant materials (15’+5’)
Janosch Schoon
09:20 Restoring Mobility meets the Surgeon’s Capability – Challenges and Pitfalls in Joint Replacement (15’+5’)
Michael Morlock
09:40 Advanced therapeutics: Innovative biomaterial approaches in tissue regeneration (15’+5’)
Carsten Werner
10:00 Multifunctional biomaterials to modulate the behaviour of progenitor cells and to enhance skeletal muscle regeneration (15’+5’)
Sven Geißler
10:20 Resorbable Metals – Implant Revolution or Unrealistic Vision (15’+5’)
Frank Witte
10:40 Molecular crosstalk between BMP growth factor signaling and mechanical loading during the early phase of fracture healing (15’+5’)
Ansgar Petersen
11:00 to 11:25 Coffee break
11:25 to 13:05 Enhancing musculoskeletal regeneration processes in compromised scenarios
11:25 Trap for dendritic cells – learning from cancer to enhance regeneration (15’+5’)
David Mooney
11:45 Adult stem/stromal cells to support chronic ischemia and muscle regeneration (15+5’)
Tobias Winkler
12:05 Advanced cell therapies: Remaining preclinical and clinical challenges (15’+5’)
Dirk Strunk
12:25 Current challenges and future opportunities in treatment of periprosthetic joint infection (15’+5’)
Andrej Trampuz
12:45 Why does hierarchical organization matter in regeneration? (15’+5’)
Peter Fratzl
13:05 to 14:05 Lunch break
14:05 to 15:05 Mechanobiology
14:05 Imaging Wolff’s Law (15’+5’)
Ralph Müller
14:25 Cartilage and Mechano-Biology – the Unintended Alliance (15’+5’)
Thomas Pap
14:45 Muscle adaptation and regeneration – going beyond the limits (15’+5’)
Walter Herzog
15:05 The sensor to Wolff’s Law – the osteocyte (15’+5’)
Jenneke Klein-Nulend
15:25 Bone adaptation across ages – lessons to learn in skeletal mechanobiology (15’+5’)
Bettina Willie
15:45 Sense mechanics in cells (15’+5’)
Viola Vogel
16:05 to 16:20 Coffee break
16:20 Panel discussion – What does it take to make translational research? (40’)
18:00 to 20:00 Closing Event: Museum of Natural History – Official tour plus visit of the bone cellar