Registration to participate in the symposium

Thank you for your interest in the jubilee research symposium of the Julius Wolff Institute. If you would like to participate then please complete and submit the registration form until 15th Mai 2018.


The early bird registration fee is 250 Euro (deadline: 28.02.2018), while the standard fee is 400 Euro (deadline: 15.05.2018).
The fee covers:

  • the symposium attendance
  • meals and refreshments
  • the 10 year’s anniversary celebration of the Julius Wolff Institute

We will send out the invoice within two weeks upon your registration for the Symposium.

Registration form

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I declare that I want to participate in the jubilee research symposium by the Julius Wolff Institute. I will arrange my own travel and accommodation and cover these expenses. I declare that I will pay the participation fee within 2 weeks of receiveing the invoice.